About Us

JEP Animation produces animated films for pre-school children as well as for children from 6 to 9. In the last years the range of target audiences was extended to young adults and family programs. For example Rudolf is a TV series of 52 fast, funny and furious shorts that pleases children of all ages. Other productions include the pre-school series “Lenny & Tweek” and “Strange Encounters of a Friendly Kind”. Presently JEP is producing  a second season “Bobo” based on the books by Markus Osterwalder. “Inui” is in production and will have a second seasons as well. In development is a series called „City Farm Hotel“ aimed at teens and young adults.

Jürgen Egenolf worked as a journalist when he came across animation and thus found his dedication. From the beginning the philosophy was: “You can’t prevent that children sit down in front of the TV set. So try to contribute to the quality of what they are watching.” Consequently, most of JEP’s work is based on outstanding children’s books or is otherwise unique in storytelling and design. Among the authors / illustrators on whose work films were based are: Janosch, Carla & Vilhelm Hansen, John Burningham, Hans Wilhelm, Klaus Baumgart, Susan Varley, Nadia Budde and Sven Nordquist.

The idea to go for individually fabricated films has proved to be successful, both in the artistic and the economic field. Films out of the series Janoschs Traumstunde (The Bear, The Tiger And The Others) were awarded the “Prix Jeunesse” and the “Prix Danube”. Additionally, the “Gold Camera Award” at the U.S. International Film and Video Festival L.A. went to Badger’s Parting Gifts in 2004 and the feature film A Monkey’s Tale was named best animated film at the Hollywood Film Festival in 2000.